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The Billion $ Wastewater Management scheme being foisted on us by our politicians and special interest groups will do more harm than good for the environment!


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Politics Ignore Science

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Flawed sewage plan pushed as done deal

The Sewage Committee has failed to meet the provincial environment minister’s directives for liquid waste management in key areas [...]

Esquimalt to get sole sewage plant

Capital Regional District board approved McLoughlin Point as the site for the region’s only sewage treatment plant, despite the objections of Esquimalt’s mayor [...]

New Sewage Treatment Configuration – No Plant at Haro Woods

CRD backs down on Haro Woods sewage plant, drops project project costs to $782 million

/A\ News, June 9, 2010

SAANICH – The Capital Regional District is backing down on a major part of its secondary sewage treatment plans for the South Island.

And that could save a piece of urban paradise in Saanich and save taxpayers all over the region a lot of money.

The pretty picturesque area known the Haro Woods near UVic are neither parkland nor [...]

Frank Stanford’s comment (CFAX 1070)

I wouldn’t even talk about price. I’d talk about how it’s bad for the environment at any price.. If somebody waved a magic wand and gave us a plant on McLaughlin point, the carbon footprint it would leave would be measured in tens of thousands of tonnes per year. It would do more harm to the air than good for the ocean [...]

Anderson doubts commitment of governments to sewage plan

Former MP David Anderson doubts the provincial and federal governments will come up with their share of the almost $1 billion for a regional sewage-treatment plan [...]

[Land Based] Sewage Treatment Foes Re-surface at Victoria News Conference

An organization devoted to stopping Victoria’s plans for sewage treatment says it would be a bad idea even if it was free. [...]

Science-based decisions don’t include sewage plan

Science-based decisions don’t include sewage plan

Times Colonist, Letters, April 20, 2010

It is laudable that, in her support of the NDP’s Climate Change Accountability Act, Victoria MP Denise Savoie has stated that: “It is based on science-based targets, not politically watered-down ones.”

Savoie also supports the stance of the province and the Capital Regional District that Victoria needs a secondary sewage-treatment system.

Their stance, however is politically motivated, not science-based.

A multitude of marine scientists, wastewater engineers, and past [...]

Ask the Voters About Sewage Treatment

Planning for sewage treatment must stop until another referendum returns a decision by the people that they have changed their minds and want to pay a billion dollars to construct, and millions annually to operate, an unnecessary, environmentally destructive sewage plant mega-scheme. [...]

Uplands residents win battle over district sewage system

Kim Westad, Times Colonist, January 12, 2010

Uplands residents got their way, as all but one Oak Bay councillor last night rejected a pump system to deal with the exclusive enclave’s sewage.

Instead, the municipality will forgo a $5.1-million infrastructure grant approved for the pump system in favour of looking at other ways to deal with sewage from 390 homes in the Uplands.

Several in the jammed council chambers clapped and stood when it became clear that council was not [...]

Rush to spend puts billions at risk

Policy changes needed to ensure smart will trump fast government spending, report says


Governments’ focus on “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects and inflexible deadlines could easily result in billions of dollars worth of shoddy or unnecessary work, says a report by the Consulting Engineers of B.C.

The report, released today, calls for policy changes to ensure that smart spending will trump fast spending of the billions of dollars earmarked for public infrastructure.

The current rules [...]