You are Being Misled

The Billion $ Wastewater Management scheme being foisted on us by our politicians and special interest groups will do more harm than good for the environment!


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Politics Ignore Science

  Outfall Marine Life

Ocean Environment

The Marine Environment is NOT being Threatened

The scientific evidence showing that there is no significant harm to the ocean environment around Victoria from our current long outfall treatment system is abundant and overwhelming.

Study (1.) after study (2.) after study (3.)…

…has shown that the waters and marine life around the outfalls are not adversly affected, and may indeed benefit from increased nutrient flow.

1. Marine Pollution Bulletin 52 (2006)

2. Executive summary, CRD annual report 2005

3. Marine Scientists’ Review of Environmental Issues

“The studies continue to indicate that the wastewater discharges are not having major environmental impacts, and recent monitoring data suggest a possible improvement of environmental conditions since the 1992 study. The absence of major impacts is due to both relatively low industrial inputs and to the location of the two discharges (strong tidal currents with net movement through the Strait to the Pacific Ocean, substantial vertical mixing, substantial oxygenation, naturally high abundance of nitrogen).” Reprinted from Marine Pollution Bulletin 52 (2006) 719 – 721.

“For most substances in wastewater, ambient Water Quality Guidelines were met even within the wastewater stream prior to discharge. This provides an additional degree of confidence that ecological risks attributable to these substances are negligible.” Source: CRD environmental Services – Macaulay and Clover Point Wastewater and Marine Environment Program, 2005 Annual Report

“Secondary, or possibly more advanced, sewage treatment would be effective in removing or reducing the biochemical oxygen demand, nutrients, and human pathogens prior to wastewater discharge, though none of these is a serious issue in the energetic, naturally nutrient rich, local waters. In other words, a sewage treatment plant would do some things that are necessary elsewhere but not here. The conditions off the present outfall have, in fact, been found to be similar to those off the outfalls from secondary treatment plants in other municipalities.” – Marine Scientists’ Review of Environmental Issues