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The Billion $ Wastewater Management scheme being foisted on us by our politicians and special interest groups will do more harm than good for the environment!


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Politics Ignore Science

  Outfall Marine Life

Guernsey does not need to treat sewage fully

The current method of pumping sewage out to sea was not found to impact on the marine environment

BBC News, 16 December 2011

Guernsey does not need to build a full sewage treatment plant, according to a report into the impact of pumping the waste out to sea.

UK firm Metoc investigated the potential cost and benefits of additional sewage treatment.

It found a treatment plant, estimated at a cost of £100m over 25 years, would provide no environmental benefit.


Advocacy group seeks answes to to greater Victoria’s sewage questions

Roszan Holmen, Victoria News and Saanich News, October 14, 2010

As ARESST passes its one-year anniversary, the activist group opposed to secondary sewage treatment continues to questions the changing plans of the Capital Regional District.

Under the microscope now is the proposal to put a sludge treatment plant at the Hartland Landfill or an alternative site.

“We’re questioning what they’re going to do with it,” said Shaun Peck, former medical health officer for the B.C. Health Ministry and a board [...]

What ever it takes – Esquimalt residents ready to fight sewage treatment plant

Whatever It Takes! – Esquimalt residents ready to fight CRD’s sewage treatment plan

Esquimalt, Tim Morrison, July 27, 2010 at 6:03 pm

It was a hot summer evening last week at Esquimalt Municipal Hall….hot in temperatures and hot in tempers.

Of note, there was absolutely no CRD representation in attendance to hear the concerns of the community during this traditional Town Hall-style Meeting….not even one CRD official had the decency or, more likely, the courage to face the people [...]

Residents take action against sewage treatment in Esquimalt

Esquimalt residents are united with council in opposition to the CRD and in outrage to the way the CRD is ramming through a project without consultation or input from the people impacted [...]

Look back for guidance on sewage treatment

In September 1994, the B.C./Washington marine science panel released its report, based on the input of dozens of marine scientists on both sides of the border ..finding the impact of Victoria’s sewage discharge is negligible. [...]

CRD sewage meeting: Hot debate about who should oversee $780-million project

Discussion of CRD staff recommendation to adopt a commission-type governance model to oversee the construction of the secondary sewage treatment plant was sidelined before it even started. [...]

Region made bad sewage-plant choice, Esquimalt mayor says

Esquimalt’s mayor says McLoughlin Point is the wrong place for a centralized sewage plant, and she’s demanding that B.C.’s environment minister reject the plan or live with the outfall. [...]

Flawed sewage plan pushed as done deal

The Sewage Committee has failed to meet the provincial environment minister’s directives for liquid waste management in key areas [...]

Anderson, Turpin named to Order of Canada

Victoria politician, former environment minister & champion for a rational approach to sewage treatment, David Anderson has been named to the Order of Canada [...]

McLoughlin Point is the obvious choice

Brownhoff: McLoughlin Point represents the most comprehensive, intelligent and responsible site for secondary sewage treatment in the core area of the CRD [...]