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Politics Ignore Science

  Outfall Marine Life

Revenues from dried sludge will simply not materialize

Presentation to the CRD’s Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee on November 24th 2010

by Dr Shaun Peck

Dr. Shaun Peck, Public Health Consultant

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you again.

I will address to-day agenda items # 5 Resource Recovery use plan and #7 The Macaulay and Clover Point Wastewater and Marine Environment Annual Report. I would like to complement staff on these two excellent reports. The first one answers many questions that have [...]

Time to Rethink Sewage Plan

Time to rethink entire sewage plan

Dr. Jack Littlepage, Professor Emeritus, University of Victoria

Jack L. Littlepage, Times Colonist, July 27, 2010

If anyone in Victoria doubts that the CRD is hopelessly mired in sewage they need only to read the report of last week’s CRD committee meeting.

View Royal Mayor Graham Hill summed it up by saying too many of the CRD’s decisions are being driven by funding, not poop.

It is time to look at what we [...]

What ever it takes – Esquimalt residents ready to fight sewage treatment plant

Whatever It Takes! – Esquimalt residents ready to fight CRD’s sewage treatment plan

Esquimalt, Tim Morrison, July 27, 2010 at 6:03 pm

It was a hot summer evening last week at Esquimalt Municipal Hall….hot in temperatures and hot in tempers.

Of note, there was absolutely no CRD representation in attendance to hear the concerns of the community during this traditional Town Hall-style Meeting….not even one CRD official had the decency or, more likely, the courage to face the people [...]

CRD sewage meeting: Hot debate about who should oversee $780-million project

Discussion of CRD staff recommendation to adopt a commission-type governance model to oversee the construction of the secondary sewage treatment plant was sidelined before it even started. [...]

Esquimalt to get sole sewage plant

Capital Regional District board approved McLoughlin Point as the site for the region’s only sewage treatment plant, despite the objections of Esquimalt’s mayor [...]

Sewage choices can’t be rushed

It is hard to feel great confidence in the capital region’s ever-changing sewage treatment project. The best approach was a distributed treatment system, the public was initially told. Many small plants would be less disruptive and allow greater resource recovery [...]

New Sewage Treatment Configuration – No Plant at Haro Woods

CRD backs down on Haro Woods sewage plant, drops project project costs to $782 million

/A\ News, June 9, 2010

SAANICH – The Capital Regional District is backing down on a major part of its secondary sewage treatment plans for the South Island.

And that could save a piece of urban paradise in Saanich and save taxpayers all over the region a lot of money.

The pretty picturesque area known the Haro Woods near UVic are neither parkland nor [...]

CRD – Step in the right direction

CRD – Step in the right direction

Congratulations to the CRD’s Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee for finally acting to correct some of the most glaring flaws in the proposed Waste Water Treatment System. Now that it has begun to re-examine its plans with a critical eye one can hope that yet more changes are in the works.

For over a year, critics have been pointing out the absurdity of the proposed Saanich East plant which, at enormous [...]

Where is the Mandate?

Where is the Mandate?

Brian Burchill

March 25, 2010

In her March 24th article “Panel’s decision due today on sewage-project details”, Times-Colonist reporter Kim Westad stated yet again that “The province has mandated the CRD to have secondary sewage treatment…”.

Could the T-C or the CRD please show the document in which this supposed mandate occurred? The sewage committee’s own minutes do not show any such mandate. This phantom mandate is a fallacy being bulldozed along by Committee Chair Judy [...]

Minister orders action on Victoria’s sewage plan

Minister Barry Penner

The saga of passed deadlines and in-decision from the CRD continues. As more municipalities pull out of the overall CRD sewage plan, and consider options, the board debates locations of potential plants and has gone against a provincial request to use bio-solids on agricultural land.

Minister Penner’s letter to the CRD is reported through CBC News

B.C.’s Minister of Environment has ordered Greater Victoria to provide more details about its troubled sewage treatment plan, along with [...]