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The Billion $ Wastewater Management scheme being foisted on us by our politicians and special interest groups will do more harm than good for the environment!


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Politics Ignore Science

  Outfall Marine Life

Guernsey does not need to treat sewage fully

The current method of pumping sewage out to sea was not found to impact on the marine environment

BBC News, 16 December 2011

Guernsey does not need to build a full sewage treatment plant, according to a report into the impact of pumping the waste out to sea.

UK firm Metoc investigated the potential cost and benefits of additional sewage treatment.

It found a treatment plant, estimated at a cost of £100m over 25 years, would provide no environmental benefit.


Advocacy group seeks answes to to greater Victoria’s sewage questions

Roszan Holmen, Victoria News and Saanich News, October 14, 2010

As ARESST passes its one-year anniversary, the activist group opposed to secondary sewage treatment continues to questions the changing plans of the Capital Regional District.

Under the microscope now is the proposal to put a sludge treatment plant at the Hartland Landfill or an alternative site.

“We’re questioning what they’re going to do with it,” said Shaun Peck, former medical health officer for the B.C. Health Ministry and a board [...]

Look back for guidance on sewage treatment

In September 1994, the B.C./Washington marine science panel released its report, based on the input of dozens of marine scientists on both sides of the border ..finding the impact of Victoria’s sewage discharge is negligible. [...]

CRD – Step in the right direction

CRD – Step in the right direction

Congratulations to the CRD’s Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee for finally acting to correct some of the most glaring flaws in the proposed Waste Water Treatment System. Now that it has begun to re-examine its plans with a critical eye one can hope that yet more changes are in the works.

For over a year, critics have been pointing out the absurdity of the proposed Saanich East plant which, at enormous [...]

[Land Based] Sewage Treatment Foes Re-surface at Victoria News Conference

An organization devoted to stopping Victoria’s plans for sewage treatment says it would be a bad idea even if it was free. [...]

No reason to proceed with sewage plan

No reason to proceed with sewage plan

Times Colonist, April 15, 2010

Saanich Peninsula Sewage Treatment Plant

On April 8, I e-mailed these two fundamental points to the mayors and councillors of Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich, Esquimalt, Colwood, Langford and View Royal:

1. Six past and present medical health officers have stated that “there is no measurable public health risk from Victoria’s current method of offshore liquid waste disposal.” They are Dr. Richard Stanwick, Dr. John Millar, Dr. [...]

Victoria’s Sewage Circus Revisited

The attempt to find a cure for a sewage problem that does not exist has spawned a number of scandals. The CRD retaining the University of Victoria to monitor the outfalls and then ignoring their advice; likewise ignoring the findings of scientists doing similar work round the shores of the United States and Britain, thus writing off the work of a significant chunk of other people’s lives; the CRD discounting the work of our own scientists and of the Pat Bay Oceanographic Centre by paying $600,000 for a report by the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry which in fact contains no recommendations but only suggests what “a potential approach might be.” [...]

Fortin: Use Sewage to Heat Buildings

One of the keys would be ensuring there was a “captive market.” “What’s critical in order to make a system like this work is [that there be] a zoning provision or something that will mandate people to hook up to the system,” Kalynchuk said. “That’s a bit of a catch-22, because you have to have a system in place before the builders are able to do that.” [...]

Capital Region clears sewage business plan

When the province mandated in 2006 that the region have secondary sewage treatment by 2016, it asked for several things. They include having a system that involves some sort of resource recovery from the wastewater, flexibility to accommodate and encourage future innovation and that the lowest-cost approach be examined, said board member Vic Derman, a Saanich councillor. [...]

Rally to Save Haro Woods Big Success

A Successful, well-attended Rally To Save Haro Woods took place today to call for the preservation of Haro Woods, one of the few urban forests remaining in the Municipality of Saanich. [...]