You are Being Misled

The Billion $ Wastewater Management scheme being foisted on us by our politicians and special interest groups will do more harm than good for the environment!


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Politics Ignore Science

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Vice-Chair – Don Monsour

Don Monsour
Don Monsour

Statement: I believe in the truth. Regardless of the issues, when one knows the truth making a decision on what to do becomes easy. The optics around sewage treatment for the Capital Region points to changing the current system. However when you really dig in and look at the facts you can only come to one conclusion and that conclusion is to leave well enough alone. What we are doing is perhaps one of the best systems for dealing with sewage waste water in North America so why on earth would we spend a billion or so dollars just to appease those people who don’t know the truth?

  • Chair of the BC Culinary Tourism Society and Chair of the International Culinary Tourism Association.
  • Past Chair of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) Product Development Committee and the Cuisine Tourism Subcommittee as well as the Destination Consortium.
  • Founding member of the Council of Tourism Associations of British Columbia (president in 2001).
  • Chair of the British Columbia Restaurant and Foodservices Association (currently Vice Chair provincial and Chair of the Victoria Branch).
  • More than 50 years of experience in hospitality industry management.
  • Executive positions in numerous organizations such as Tourism British Columbia, the Canadian Food Services Executives Association, the Victoria Chef’s Association, Hospitality Associates, Bon Appetit Foods, C-Fax Santa’s Anonymous, the Crystal Meth Society of B.C., Routes to Learning Canada, Help Fill A Dream Society, B.C. Culinary Tourism Society, the B.C. Food and Beverage Alliance, City of Victoria Late Night Grat Night Advisory Committee, the Victoria Read Society, B.C. Culinary Arts Foundation of B.C. and the B.C. Argri Tourism Alliance.x

Secretary – John Newcomb

John Newcomb

John Newcomb

Statement: John Newcomb recently retired from UVic Geography Dept, having taught geography since 1992, and before that as a graduate student first became enthusiastic about Victoria’s unique marine-based sewage treatment as a student in 1982 taking a graduate marine environmental assessment course from UVic marine biologist (and researcher of Victoria’s marine-based sewage treatment system) Dr. Derek Ellis. During his tenure as chair of the Sierra Club’s Victoria chapter (1984-85), and the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Environment Committee (2000-2002), John promoted Victoria’s marine-based sewage treatment system.


Treasurer – Mr. Paul Scrimger

Paul Scrimger, ARESST Treasurer

Paul Scrimger, ARESST Treasurer


Director, Communications – Elizabeth Woodworth

  • BC Department of Recreation and Conservation, Librarian, 1971-1978
  • BC Ministry of Health, Head Librarian, 1978-2002
  • Freelance writer on environmental and social justice issues
  • Organizer of public lectures for social justice issues, 2006 to present
Elizabeth Woodworth
Elizabeth Woodworth

Statement: The crux of the issue is that though 69% of Victorians do not believe in the need for land-based sewage treatment, at any price, many are resigned to the BC Government and CRD unquestioning compliance with the Federal Government’s “one size fits all” sewage regulations.  Our current system meets the objectives of the federal regulations, which could easily be challenged if CRD attention could be directed to  the sound scientific studies and to the will of its residents.

This is both a scientific and a democratic issue, and it is important that the citizens of the region join ARESST in its mission to bring perspective and sanity to the decision-making process before it is too late, and we are saddled with an enormously expensive system with much higher environmental impacts than the natural ocean composting system now in use.

Worst of all, building and maintaining the new system will substantially contribute to global warming, the truly catastrophic issue of our time.


Director – John Motherwell

  • University of B. C. Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering 1950
  • British Columbia Land Surveyor 1952
  • Canada Land Surveyor 1953
  • Cassiar Asbestos Corp. Ltd. Cassiar, B.C., Surface engineer & surveyor 1951 – 1985 (sporadic)
  • A.B. Sanderson & Co. Ltd. Victoria BC, Design engineer 1956- 1959
John Motherwell, PEng

John Motherwell, PEng


Self-employed since 1959 as consulting engineer and land surveyor. Specializing in water treatment and distribution, and sewage collection, treatment and disposal. Provided engineering services for four major sewage treatment plants and four major marine outfalls