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ARESST chair not giving up after electoral rejection

Frank Stanford
November 20, 2014

The chair of ARESST says the group’s lobby against land-based sewage treatment has not ended with his failure to be elected mayor of View Royal on Saturday.

The man who was elected Mayor, David Screech, has said the outcome was a signal that the public has decided the debate over the need for sewage treatment is over..;.but Brian Burchill says he “does not interpret it that way”…

“The ARESST board is going to be meeting shortly to look at future actions.  This project is so unnecessary; so rife with error that we are going to keep finding a way to get this corrected”

Burchill says the federal government needs to be persuaded that the currents in Juan de Fuca Strait make it a “low-risk” environment for sewage disposal, and there is therefore no need to be rushing into a land based solution.

1 comment to ARESST chair not giving up after electoral rejection

  • Richard Caldwell

    David Screech has a political focus and his comment that “the public has decided the debate over the need for sewage treatments over” is an example of poor governance and bull shit. Numerous scientific studies continue to find that the current WW disposal practices are not creating a high risk to the ocean environment in Victoria. The window of opportunity in year 2016 remains open to stop the flawed decision making process that may result in billions of dollars being wasted of the next few decades. Is it possible that the CRD leadership could care less if this facility provides any environmental benefits other than creating new local jobs, generating new tax revenues for the district, and projecting the false image to the tourism industry that Victoria will be the most green city on the west coast once this white elephant is built? Why has the CRD civic politicians become indifferent to the findings and recommendations from learned members of the local science community in this regard? Why have CRD civic leaders refused to take legal action to block unwarranted federal regulatory demands?

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