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For a Tax revolt, think of Sewage

Times Colonist, letter from John Vukovic, September 07, 2010

Many people are upset with the harmonized sales tax and the impact this tax will have on their lives. For some it may be substantial, but for most it is really just a few extra dollars a year.

Because it is a consumption tax you can choose to buy an item or not. As for the tax dollars collected, they go toward paying for all the services our government provides, such as health care and education. These are direct benefits for all British Columbians.

Compare that to a billion-dollar sewage plant in Esquimalt that no one wants, scientific evidence says we don’t need, will not significantly improve the quality of the discharge liquids, will do nothing to stop contaminants from entering the system at the source, will not fix our antiquated infrastructure, will cost every household in greater Victoria up to $500 per year in additional property taxes and will not directly benefit us in any way.

Where is the petition to stop this gross misdirection of public policy and waste of my hard-earned tax dollars? Why do we sign a petition against a tax that doesn’t change 80 per cent of the items we purchase yet there is no revolt against $500 added to your property tax for something that will not benefit you?

John Vukovic

1 comment to For a Tax revolt, think of Sewage

  • Hmmm…a government that frantically promoting digging out the 3rd biggest watershed in the world and boiling it to get the tar out, burning up all of BC’s natural gas, creating oceans of toxic waste, and gutting the Fisheries Act in the process is going to force Victoria to “do the right thing” with its sewage??? Give me a break.

    Victoria already has the world’s best sewage treatment system, courtesy of Mother Nature.

    If we’re going to spend $1.5 billion on the environment, let’s do things that will actually provide some environmental benefit.

    And BTW, the feds and the province are NOT “giving” us money for sewage treatment. They got it from US. Sadly for me, I don’t get my money out of a bottomless pit like they do.

    Submitted on 2012/07/19 at 7:25 pm

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