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New Sewage Treatment Configuration – No Plant at Haro Woods

CRD backs down on Haro Woods sewage plant, drops project project costs to $782 million

/A\ News, June 9, 2010

SAANICH – The Capital Regional District is backing down on a major part of its secondary sewage treatment plans for the South Island.

And that could save a piece of urban paradise in Saanich and save taxpayers all over the region a lot of money.

The pretty picturesque area known the Haro Woods near UVic are neither parkland nor privately owned. But for four years it has been at the centre of a passionate and emotional fight for preservation by the people who live nearby.

The enemy: The Capital Regional District, which has long-planned to build a secondary sewage treatment plant there, as part of orders from the provincial government to stop flushing the stuff we flush into the ocean.

Today, an unexpected win; the CRD deciding there won’t be a plant here after all.

/A\ News broke the news to Deborah Dickson, the public face of the ‘Save Haro Woods’ campaign.

“I didn’t know whether to believe you,” she said, sobbing. “I’m just so excited.”

So, did politics prompt the CRD to backtrack? Sewage Committee chair Judy Brownoff says no.

The new treatment plans will focus on one big treatment plant in Esquimalt, and bring the total cost of the project to $782 million. That is about $250-500 dollars per household.

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