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[Land Based] Sewage Treatment Foes Re-surface at Victoria News Conference

[on Land] Sewage Treatment Foes Re-surface at Victoria News Conference

CFAX 1070, May 18, 2010

An organization devoted to stopping victoria’s plans for sewage treatment says it would be a bad idea even if it was free.

The “Association for Responsible and Environmentally Sustainable Sewage Treatment” argues that land based secondary sewage treatment is not only unnecessary…it would actually do more environmental harm than good.
Former provincial public health officer Dr. Sean Peck has long advocated against treatment…

“There is sort of ‘one size fits all’ thinking, and you only deal with the marine environment. What you don’t do is think about the adverse effect on the environment of building these land based plants. There is the tremendous problem of having to get rid of the sludge, where you concentrate a whole lot of things, and furthermore the relatively new issue is the huge awareness of greenhouse gasses”.

Association chair John Bergbusch pledged at a news conference today the campaign to derail the project will not waver. Former Federal Environment Minister David Anderson reiterated his earlier prediction that neither the Federal nor the Provincial government will make money available, in times of fiscal restraint.

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