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The Billion $ Wastewater Management scheme being foisted on us by our politicians and special interest groups will do more harm than good for the environment!


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Politics Ignore Science

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Frank Stanford’s comment (CFAX 1070)

Frank Stanford’s Comments & Video on Victoria’s Sewage Issue

CFAX 1070, May 19, 2010

I wish “ARESST” well, but I have doubts it’s going to succeed, in stopping an unnecessary sewage treatment project.

Yes, I say “unnecessary”. I agree with the Association for Responsible and Environmentally Sustainable Sewage Treatment, which lists among its supporters scientists who say the current sewage disposal system is not harming the marine environment, and that the decision to build land-based treatment plants is driven purely by politics; not by science.

If I was in charge of trying to stop this monumental mistake from occurring… I would stop talking about the fact it will waste a billion dollars…because it sounds like I’m whining about the price. the pro-treatment lobby Is all ready for that argument…they tell us that we should have had treatment 20 years ago when it would have been a lot cheaper, and you don’t even want to think about what it’ll cost if you wait another 20 years. You have to do it now.

I wouldn’t even talk about price. I’d talk about how it’s bad for the environment at any price. If somebody waved a magic wand and gave us a plant on McLaughlin point, the carbon footprint it would leave would be measured in tens of thousands of tonnes per year. It would do more harm to the air than good for the ocean.

That’s something the Provincial Environment Minister should think about ..even if his government didn’t have a spending deficit.

This is Frank Stanford

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