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Victoria’s Sewage Circus Revisited

Victoria’s Sewage Circus Revisited

Monday Magazine, 8 April 2010

Re: “Reality Oozes In”, March 18-24

The attempt to find a cure for a sewage problem that does not exist has
spawned a number of scandals. The CRD retaining the University of Victoria
to monitor the outfalls and then ignoring their advice; likewise ignoring
the findings of scientists doing similar work round the shores of the
United States and Britain, thus writing off the work of a significant
chunk of other people’s lives; the CRD discounting the work of our own
scientists and of the Pat Bay Oceanographic Centre by paying $600,000 for
a report by the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry which in
fact contains no recommendations but only suggests what “a potential
approach might be.”

How can the Minister of Environment quote an abstract from that report as
supporting the need for land-based treatment when the most reasonable
interpretation of its conclusions are that we should not be building such
plants and issuing an order under an act intended for the protection of
the environment without examining its adverse impacts? It is beyond
reasonable doubt that the implementation of that order would have the net
effect of damaging the environment and adding risks to public health and

They still ignore the fact that discharges in other locations in the
province have a far greater impact than that of our long outfalls. With a
billion-dollar price tag, this sewage treatment mess makes the Gomery
affair look like chicken feed.

And I draw your attention to the fact that, following much research and
practical experience, I am the only person to have written a book on this
topic: Victoria’s Sewage Circus.

Ted Dew-Jones,Victoria

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