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Rally to Save Haro Woods Big Success

Rally to Save Haro Woods Big Success


Save Haro Woods rally, listening to presentation by David Anderson, former MP

Save Haro Woods rally, March 27, 2010

A Successful, well-attended Rally To Save Haro Woods took place today to call for the preservation of Haro Woods, one of the few urban forests remaining in the Municipality of Saanich.

This gem has recently been threatened by the CRD who wants to strip the forest to build a sewage treatment. The tragedy of this plan is that not only is there no purpose in building a sewage treatment plant in this area, but it will cost the CRD an additional $100 Million to build this folly. And, if they are prevented from siting the sewage treatment plant at this site, they threaten to open the site to residential development.

The weather cooperated with a bit of sun. David Anderson, past federal Minister of Environment and local MP, gave a terrific presentation to the crowd. Lots of petitions were signed to rezone this property once and for all as a park.

There was a good turnout of TV cameramen and reporters. The rally was supported by a broad demographic mix – young, youth, adults, seniors ..all sharing a passionate commitment to save Haro Woods.

It was heartening to see past-chair of Sierra Club Victoria, Pete Dixon, although he is very weak from cancer battle.

Thanks to Deborah for organizing this amazing action!

Harry Drage talking to Save Haro Woods crowd

Harry Drage talking to Save Haro Woods crowd

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