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Where is the Mandate?

Where is the Mandate?

Brian Burchill

March 25, 2010

In her March 24th article “Panel’s decision due today on sewage-project details”, Times-Colonist reporter Kim Westad stated yet again that “The province has mandated the CRD to have secondary sewage treatment…”.

Could the T-C or the CRD please show the document in which this supposed mandate occurred? The sewage committee’s own minutes do not show any such mandate. This phantom mandate is a fallacy being bulldozed along by Committee Chair Judy Brownoff.

Committee member Vic Derman knows there isn’t such a mandate, which is why just a few days ago, he stated, quite correctly, that “The province didn’t mandate us to use a particular approach, the province mandated us to deal with the sewage issue.”

The real reason why this entirely unnecessary land-based secondary sewage treatment project is being foisted upon the Victoria citizenry is because a few sewage committee members, and 2 groups that lobbied the committee, just think we should have one. They have no science to back this opinion; they just mistakenly think that our current system is polluting the ocean. This personal agenda promises to be a billion dollar boondoggle that will dwarf the FastCat fiasco.

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