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Saanich Councilor Wants Public Referendum Concerning Borrowing Money for Sewage Treatment

Saanich Councilor Wants Public Referendum Concerning Borrowing Money for Sewage Treatment

Mar 12, 2010

The capital Regional District committee planning the region’s sewage treatment recently clarified that they, legally, don’t need to go to referendum to borrow money for the project.

However, one Saanich councillor says the public should have the chance to speak out about something, he says, will cost too much and accomplish way too little

Vic Derman says the current proposals are going to skyrocket taxes and he wants to see public consultation…

“Go to the public with a referendum and say do you really want to spend over 300 million dollars of your money for this particular project, do approve the borrowing of the money to spend in this manner.”

He says it would be a commitment to bankrupt the region for ten to fifteen years…

“You have almost no money to spend on health care, on affordable housing, on health care, on seniors issues on transportation, on parks, on municipal infrastructure, you name it, you’re just not going to have much money available because there’s going to be such a drain on this project, I think that should go before the public.”

Speaking on CFAX 1070 with Murray Langdon, Derman says a properly planned integrated management approach would be a much lower net cost to the taxpayer and without a doubt be of greater benefit to the environment.

- Anita Bathe

CFAX 1070, March 12, 2010

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