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Minister orders action on Victoria’s sewage plan

Minister Barry Penner

Minister Barry Penner

The saga of passed deadlines and in-decision from the CRD continues. As more municipalities pull out of the overall CRD sewage plan, and consider options, the board debates locations of potential plants and has gone against a provincial request to use bio-solids on agricultural land.

Minister Penner’s letter to the CRD is reported through CBC News

B.C.’s Minister of Environment has ordered Greater Victoria to provide more details about its troubled sewage treatment plan, along with requesting changes in the planning work done so far.

So far, the Capital Regional District has missed one deadline to provide the ministry with an update of its plans and a subsequent report did not include all of the information requested by the province.

The district has been criticized for dumping 129 million litres of raw sewage each day into the nearby Juan de Fuca Strait through a deep pipeline, making it one of the few remaining major cities in North America to dump untreated waste into the ocean.

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